In 2014 the NRBNMLC was actively negotiating the Web IV agreement with SoundExchange. SX agreed to terms with National Public Radio (NPR) and College Broadcasters (CBI). However, our numerous attempts to negotiate fell on deaf ears. Our efforts continued throughout 2015 with testimony before the Copyright Royalty Board and repeated efforts by phone and email to negotiate with SoundExchange. At the end of the 2016 the CRB set new rates for stations going over the minimum aggregate tuning hours (ATH). In 2016 stations going over the minimum ATH saw their rates double.

During 2016 we continued an active pursuit of this matter with SoundExchange. We went forward with a Web IV appeal only to withdraw late in the year because of cost and no funds. However, we are still moving forward with trips to Capitol Hill in 2017. We are telling our story and hope to put pressure on SoundExchange for discriminating against religious broadcasters.